In this article, we will explain different web hosting terms, from what is web hosting, their types and services providers to how to choose the right plan that suits you. Let’s start with a definition of web hosting.

What is internet Hosting?

We can’t talk  about web hosting without putting into consideration a website, in simple terms, since we are on internet we are looking to host some sort of digital asset, such as a website, web or mobile application, if the website or the digital asset is the home we are trying to build ( by going live on the internet) then the hosting is the land that will acquire your code files ( the assets). Developers and programmers may code their web or mobile application on localhost before they deploy it on the internet.

Now that we understand that web hosting are the servers that runs 24/7 live on the internet in order that anyone from anywhere using url which a domain name ( the address of your home asset).

Internet Hosting Servers?

Internet servers are hardwares connected to the internet and managed by software side, their main mission is to display the content of a website such web pages to users providing access through many devices such as laptops and smartphones. 

The main job of a web server is to display website content through storing, processing and delivering web pages to users or any other connected devices.


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Types of web hosting and their differences

There are different types of hosting from three major types to six different web hosting types, we will explain each type apart and what makes the difference between them

How many types of web hosting

There are six types of web hosting that are the Major types of web hosting and the other types are either included under those major types or restricted to specific businesses , the six major types of web hosting are:

  • Managed hosting : The hosting server provider leases dedicated servers for a client and managed them on their behalf, he provides support by maintaining the operating system and the infrastructure of the server
  • Shared hosting explained : In this hosting type, the physical server resources are being shared among multiple clients’ websites. In other terms, the same server hosts websites from different clients
  • Dedicated hosting : Having a dedicated physical server hosting only your website, one server for one client, it’s the opposite of shared hosting
  • VPS hosting explained : VPS stands for virtual private server, the hosting provider allocate virtually from the same server different virtualized server resources named as VPS for each client in order to host their website
  • Cloud hosting explained : Cloud hosting explained: it is by far the most know hosting for speed and scalability due to its infrastructure deployed on the cloud platform using cloud resources, (cloud is on demand availability of  data storage)
  • Free hosting : You pay nothing for the data storage and the host provided, but in compromise you will show the server provider ads on your website, this is the way to pay for
While there are other types of web hosting even not well known such as:
  •  Co-location Hosting : as its name suggests, this service is offered by data center companies, which leases hosting space servers for businesses
  • Reseller Hosting : It means purchasing web hosting resources from reseller at wholesale and sell them for profit, it’s ideal for web design agencies and hosting entrepreneurs

Another type is very popular due the proliferation of CMS such WordPress, is WordPress hosting,

  •  WordPress hosting explained : It is a sub category of major web hosting that had been optimized for WordPress sites, it take care of the performance and the security of the site while the client focuses on major tasks.

Web hosting types inforgraphic

Web hosting types inforgraphic​

Internet service and hosting providers defined

The Internet service provider is the company that provides internet access such AT&T, while website internet hosting provider is the one how provides hosting severs to lease in order to host a website

List of internet hosting providers

There are several types of web hosting companies. Those who provide hosting for only WordPress websites, other provide their service for all types of application, all you need to do is first of all, define what do you want to host then look for the perfect company for your digital asset, there are list of well known companies:

  • InMotion Hosting.
  • GoDaddy.
  • Hostinger.
  • HostPapa.
  • Cloudways.
  • HostGator.
  • Hostwinds.
  • Bluehost

There are many more companies , just check their support and it’s a good match for your project

What is the Fastest internet hosting

The most relevant hosting providers in term of speed are cloud hosting type of service, because they provide more scalability and availability of resources, which make the website fast and available at any time


Cloud hosting is hosted on a virtual partition consist of multiple physical servers for maximum scalability and availability, while VPS is hosted on one single server.

WordPress hosting is the sub-category of web hosting umbrella, it can be shared WordPress hosting or managed WordPress hosting; depending on the resource.

It all depends on your starting point and your level of expertise dealing with data resources, if you are just starting out with no experience, shared hosting or managed hosting it will be a perfect match for you to get familiar with the field, if you are already in, you can try dedicated or VPS hosting. Otherwise, if you have an established website demand huge resources, cloud hosting is the perfect fit for you.