Back of Apple watch cracked. What to do?

A back Apple watch was cracked when dropped, It is not broken but the back glass. The Apple watch still works. Let’s explore the different options to do in this case. So, what are the options offered to Apple watch owners? And what is the easy going solution to fix the back cover in an optimal way?

We will explore the different options that we have: if we have an Apple care extended warranty, and in the case that we don’t have one, without forgetting the local repairs.

Do you have an Apple care extended warranty or Apple care + ?

Most of Apple products come with one year limited warranty of hardware repair coverage and up to 90 days of complimentary technical support. For back cover cracks, choosing a replacement under the warranty terms of the Apple care + will be the perfect option. You will till pay 60$ to 70$ to get your device serviced.

Apple support clarifies that the Apple care extended warranty does cover any damages causes by the watch’s owner. If the damage was caused by a manufacturing defect, Apple will replace it for free and out of charge.

In some cases, if the glass got cracked due to a genuine damage, the thing that will be figured out by the Apple support technicians. Checking the support technical team at the store is highly recommended option. And, may finding a replacement for the back cracks at the Apple store be your best option.

Apple watch cracked with no Apple care extend warranty

If the crack damage was caused by you and have nothing to do with any manufacturing issue, Then there will be no coverage of the Apple support and you will pay for replacement.

While there no warranty and the needs ask for a quick fix for the back crack Apple watch. Here some considerations to take into account, if you decide to putt the Apple watch cracked on your wrist:

  • On the safety side, a tiny shard of glass can dislocate or hurt your wrist even if the cracks are not of a dangerous nature, and rubbing your skin will be the last thing to sacrifice. And, exposing myself to broken glass will be of big concern at least for me.
  • The sensors may not work correctly as before due the back of the Apple watch, and anything related to sensors can be affected, such as blood pressure measurement and heart rate monitoring. Anything based on wrist’s sensors can be affected directly.
  • To check if the back Apple watch cracked measure properly is to compare the measurements to another Apple watch which not broken and see if the measurements are the same or not.
  • The watch may also lose its water resistance properties due to the cracks
  • Considering putting some kind of sticker on the cracks in order to keep your wrist skin safe.

If you don’t care about blood pressure measurement and heart rate monitoring, then just apply apply a sticker on the back of the galss and keep using it. If this is of a big deal for you, then with no warranty just consider getting a new watch instead of this one. You can sell this cracked one on any marketplace, there is some technicians how will buy those watches and fix them.

Finding local repair for fixing back watch Apple cracked

Fixing the back cracked Apple watch at the local repair is not the optimal option. For several reasons:

  • The Apple hardware parts are not available at the local market, and you will need to find the right number depending on the Apple watch model. Finding the exact model parts will not be that easy task, and also with the different models of the Apple Watch existed on the market.
  • The compact design of the Apple watch makes the repair and the replacement of the different components hard working task, without the use of the compact machinery . While the local repair stores will use disassembly process with the absence of the compact machinery.
  • The disassembly process may result that certain options will not back as they were the first time such water resistance, and aslo, the options are related direclty to the compact design of the Apple watch.

Repairing the back cracked Apple watch is option to reconsider. And, in case, you want to live the adventure if it is worth experiencing.

How much cost repairing the back of the Apple watch cracked?

Repairing the back of the Apple watch starts from 60$ depending on the presence of the Apple care extended warranty.

If you want to get an estimation of the repair price, check the Apple watch repair service.

With easy steps, you can estimate the cost of the repair by choosing the service type ( battery or other damages), choosing the product and the model, You end by getting an estimation.

You can ask for an appointment at the Apple store, or send your product for a repair. You can also contact them to get more clarification about the issue.


Thinking of Apple watch dropped or the back glass cracked is not that silly idea, but when happens as part of down days of life, there is some options:

  • The first thing is get more information about the issue because it will save a lot time fixing the wrong thing.
  • For the back of Apple watch cracked issue, if you have the Apple care extended warranty, then with no further thing, go with it.
  • If do not warranty, you can check the estimate of the service at the Apple site or you can call them; You may get lucky to get a replacement at a good price, if it is too expensive, which may be that, then consider buying a new one.
  • If you don’t care about the results, the consider repairing it at a local store, but don’t expect to have the same kind of look and feel of the Apple watch as before.
  • The local watch repair is not that big of a deal.

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