Best Bluehost plan for bloggers

So, you already decided on Bluehost to host your blog and you are not pretty sure which plan to go with. Bluehost power over then 2 millions websites all over the world. In this post, you will have a clear view on the best Bluehost hosting for a beginner blogger

Why Bluehost is the best hosting pick for bloggers

Several reasons, had Bluehost highly picked for beginner bloggers and even advanced blogger too

  • Support system : Their customer service is hepful and friendly, you can join them trough many contact options such as a chat , an email or a call
  • Pricing: They offer affordable pricing for beginners, which allow the room to grow with
  • Website loading: Fast loading website becomes an important factor for Google to evaluate websites
  • Dashboard: The user experience of the dashboard is easy to use, and working with it which compress the learning curve
  • Uptime: The website hosted on Bluehost has considerable uptime of 99.99%, which keeps the website online very quickly if the website goes down.
  • Security: Your website is safe with Bluehost against any spam attacks or Ddos due their infrastructure.

Which bluehost plan is best for bloggers

Bluehost hosting with four packages:

  • Websites : In which they the first plan is mix of tools for websites that combines blogs and Ecommerce sites such as small businesses and small shops.
  • Hosting : The second is shared hosting, more oriented for websites such as blogs with no need for Ecommerce tools
  • VPS : Virtual private server hosting offer more security for websites and more resources such as SDD storage, CPU cores and bandwidth
  • Dedicated : It offers your own dedicated server for more performance, it is more websites that will need extra resources

After we explain each package apart, now let’s move to the best Bluehost plan for bloggers:

The hosting package will be the suitable hosting plan for bloggers, it comes with Free domain name ( for just the first year for the basic ) and free SSL to boost website security


The hosting package contains four plan choices:

  • Basic : it’s the perfect pick if you want to just start your first blog to get familiar with the journey. It allows to host one single website. It starts at $2.95/mo* ( for 12 months) and $4.95/mo* ( for 36 months)

  • Plus : if you want to start multiple blogs. It offers many options with limit of 50k visitors per month. It starts at $5.45/mo* ( for 12 months) and ( $7.45/mo* for 36 months)

  • Choice plus : You can host multiple websites with the limits of 200k visitors per month. It starts at $5.45/mo* (for 12 months) and at $7.45/mo* (for 36 months)

  • Pro : For the pro plan extends to the limit of 500k visitors per month. It starts at $13.95/mo* ( for 12 months) and at $18.95/mo* ( for 36 months)

For the 12 months you will save from 51% up to 70 % depending on the plan. And for the 36 months you will able to save 29% up to 60% depending on the hosting plan

NB: The renewals will be at the regular price

What to choose?

  • If you aim to build a blog and have a store along with it, then I recommend you go with the website package because it will be more easier handle the store with the tools that come with.
  • Others, The hosting plan will be the perfect pick for you, all you need to do is estimate your monthly visitors and start your journey
  • If you see that the resources with the hosting package are not enough, I recommend you go with VPS and dedicated packages

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