Best hosting for WordPress Convesio in 2023 Review

Best hosting for WordPress Convesio

Maybe you have just come to know about the best hosting for WordPress Convesio. So, What is it?

Convesio is a managed WordPress hosting provider for agencies and website owners, by offering next-generation WordPress hosting. It has exceptional features to stand out from your competitors and run your agency smoothly.

So, Is Convesio one of the best managed WordPress hosting out there, or it is just like the other low performance and quality hosting services? Let find out.


Convesio is perfect choice for those who values performance, managed WordPress service for the best quality price amoung the different hosting services in the market.

Price starts at $50 per month
Free Trial Yes, included, 30 days
Pros 👍✔ Managed WordPress Hosting
✔ Google cloud
✔ CDN, malware protection and advanced security
✔ Scalability
Cons 👎❌ No option for Cpanel if needed
❌ No pricing for mainstream

Convesio comes with ease of use and engaging support, it is worth the money for its value. Check the pricing list and features.

Best WordPress hosting Convesio: What is it?

Convesio differs from other hosting providers by focusing on site loads, it ensures that websites load time very quickly for clients, from anywhere in the world. It uses Docker containers technology and CDNs to spread the website around different servers around the globe.

It comes with the ability to manage and scale WordPress sites without the need of any technical knowledge. It includes all the features of setting up a server, a load balancer, database clusters, and other technology stacks with stress free management.

Benefits of using Best WordPress hosting Convesio

Conversio offers great services and features include:

  • Automated scaling of resources
  • Best uptime servers
  • MySQL databases for powering sites
  • Free migration
  • Automatic backups
  • Speed Optimized
  • 24/7 customer support

Convesio Hosting Plans

Convesio pricing is structured into three plans:

Starter Level 1

It starts at $50 per month, comes with:

  • One install
  • 5GB of disk space
  • 50 GB of bandwidth
  • Manual scaling
  • Cloudfare security
  • Free migration

Business plans

The Business plans are divided into three levels as follows:

  • Level 2 : 150$ per month
  • Level 3 : 300$ per month
  • Level 4 : 600$ per month

Entreprise plans

The enterprise plans are divided into three levels too as follows:

  • Level 5 : 1000$
  • Level 6 : 2000$
  • Level 7 : 3000$

Choosing the right plan will be according to your website needs and expected traffic.

How is Convesio best for?

Due to the high performance and features comes with Convesio, It is best for website owners, businesses, agencies and enterprises that will grow their traffic in a short period of time, benefiting from auto-scaling, for example; online shops and Ecommerce sites will take the most from this feature.

Convesio may appear expensive for low budget projects, But it is the best value for price for anyone who expects high spike of traffic, because the reward comes immediately.

Conversio Frequently Asked Questions

What does managed WordPress hosting means?

It is hosting features that allow the user to manage the ins and the outs of his site like security and site speed.

What is the difference between shared and managed hosting?

Managed hosting adds extra functions than shared hosting such as faster load time, managing the site, automatic backups and security focused functions

What are Convesio alternatives?

The most affordable managed hosting with features alike Convesio is Cloudways, you can dig deeper for the functions that come with it.

How to choose?

Choosing the right hosting plan and provider is referring to the traffic expected for the site and the needed features.

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