Best i7 Windows 7 laptops

I7 core Windows laptops are the top laptops, as they present the best value for price in comparison to the previous versions such as i3 and i5 core. If you are in a hurry, here are the best i7 Windows laptops :

Best core i7 Windows laptops

Dell XP 15

Credit: The Tech Chap


  • Excellent keyboard and Trackpad
  • Silk design
  • Great display


  • Expensive
  • Battery life could be improved

It comes with more advantages, like opening the laptop with one finger and the instant logging with a Windows hello face. Also, the fingerprint reader which can be used for online payment transactions online.

The keyboard feel had been widened then the previous versions, so it feels more spacious and comfortable with less plastic effect, with huge new precision touchpad giving the MacBook Pro vibe.

The speakers had the punchy effect just come after the Mac Pro 16.

For the webcam, it is in good positioning at the top, unlike the other XPS versions where it was at the bottom looking up your nose. Its the quality is not the brightest out there, but it’s still better for natural lightening. And the audio quality serves the daily tasks and passes the threshold.

The screen had 4k screen touch with 16 by10 aspect ratio, while there is no OLED option but the LCD option is totally perfect.

This laptop is by far faster than the older versions in term of performance and functionality, it can be used for heavy tasks like design, video editing or gaming.

Lenovo ThinkPad P15s Gen2


  • Light laptop with worksation capability for heavy tasks
  • Excellent specs
  • Lightweight and mobile


  • A bit expensive
  • Webcam could be better

For the specs, it comes with a huge display screen of 15.6 inches, and max resolution of 1920*1080 pixels. With RAM of 40 GB DDR, and processor of 2.8 GHZ core i7. Its weight is 3.86 pounds.

For the design; the laptop color is black, the lid and the palm rest are from metal, the bottom is plastic. There is a webcam at the top of the screen with dual mic array. Full size keyboard with number pad function keys, with a power button and fingerprint reader.

On the left side, there is USB type-C which also the charger connector, USB and HDMI ports, headset jack and micrso SD card slot, On the right, there is a USB port and a Kensington.

This laptop is very impressive given how small and thin light it is, its portablIity is decent trade-off if it meets the requirements you need.

HP Elite Dragonfly


  • Turns in 360° Tablet
  • Light and Convertible
  • High performance


  • Small Display screen
  • Battery life could be better

HP Elite Dragonfly is well designed for a laptop kind of computers. It is well constructed with a super nice design. For its ability to be turned easily into a tablet, and the touch screen responds smoothly with no latency when writing with our fingers or with a pen.

With the eleventh generation Intel processor, the laptop flies launching programs and softwares, which they go really fast.

On the keyboard level, it is pleasant to use, and the keys respond nicely when writing texts or any sort of input with the new touch pad gives the laptop more silk design. The quality of sound is loud and soft, it sounds comfortably at the time of rest or watching Netflix.

We found also an extra layer of security in which the Dragonfly offers an artificial solution to protect the users from the different threats and malware on the net.

On the weight level, the laptop is light with less than 1KG of weight or 2.9 pounds, making it easy to take anyways without being aware of its weight, especially, if want to work on the park or in the street.

The screen is 13.3 inches high definition with a brightness of 400 and a refresh rate of 40 frames per second, it’s a nice screen but it’s the fancy one on the market. And the battery endures for 9 hours which is a good time while there is much better battery time than this.


  • Choosing the best i7 Windows laptops is a daunting task, and it all depends on your needs and budget.
  • If you are looking for a high performing laptop with the best value for the price, then DELL XP 15 is your best choice.
  • If you prefer a high level working laptop that will work just as a workstation, then Lenovo ThinkPad P15s will serve the purpose.
  • And, if you would like a laptop that can be a tablet, especially if you do some design or art work then HP Dragonfly 2 is your way.

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