How to authorize MacBook for Apple TV ?

You may wonder why this authorization had been in the first place, it helps to protect the copyrights of any purchase through the Apple products. For this, You should be careful to which device to authorize or not, it is preferable to add one computer authorized to the different Apple products, by doing this, you will avoid someone infringe your account.

You can authorize up to five computers to play the Apple different products, PC or Mac or both of them. But, it is better to give the access to one computer. Even, if you already authorized more than one computer the access, you can deauthorize at any time.

How to authorize MacBook for the Apple TV?

In order to gain access to all content of your purchased videos or any other Apple product, you can authorize the MacBook for Apple TV following the steps below:

  • From your MacBook computer, open The Apple TV by clicking on the TV icon. If you didn’t find it, then go to the launchpad and you will find it there.

  • Mouse over the top of the menu and select the Account Tab > Authorizations.
  • Then select Authorize This Computer .

  • Enter your Apple ID and your password.
  • Then, Click Authorize and it will a few moments to authorize your MacBook to the Apple TV.

Why the MacBook keep asking to authorize ?

If your MacBook keeps asking for authorizations even you followed the steps above, then, you are probably having been signed with different Apple ID. Otherwise, you are trying to view a content that was purchased with another account, check both the possibilities.

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