How to turn off Apple watch keyboard notification

Are you tired of the annoying notifications that showed up every time trying to write something on the Apple watch, when trying to send text messages. In this article, We will get off the those notifications, once for all.

Turning off keybaord notifications

Turing off keyboard notifications for the Apple watch is very simple, it requires a few steps to follow :

First of all, grab your iPhone, and head to Settings, you can tap it if have trouble finding it

After that, Tap ‘notifications” tab from the list below

Scroll down to find ” Apple Watch Keyboard” tab, then hold this option

Now, turn off the option of “Allow notifications and bring it ” off” mode so you will no longer receive the input notifications, and this will get rid of them.

In case you want to mute the notifications without turning them off, Tap “sounds ” in the list below.

If want to disable only the banners, then simply tap ” banners ” tab.


The keyboard notifications are a useful feature, but sometimes it becomes disturbing, it may turn them off be the best option.

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