How to turn on galaxy fit 2 ?

The Samsung galaxy Fit 2 comes with a bigger display than the Galaxy Fit version, along battery life but with more choices to choose from. The Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 is compatible with both Android and IOS 5.0 and higher versions.

How to turn on Samsung Galaxy Fit 2?

This version of the Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 had no physical buttons on the side of the device just as the previous versions, Turning the device on will be touching the screen, and the device will turn on. And in case, you needed more settings, then all options are inside the watch. Note that there is no power button with this version of the device.

How do I turn on Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 for the first time?

This device had no physical buttons, all settings are inside the touch screen. To turn the Samsung Galaxy Fit 2, go with the steps below :

First, Snap on the charger on the little notch on the side of the Galaxy Fit2

Second, When the charger is plugged in and the watch is connected to your phone or power bank, The device will turn on.

How to set up Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 ?

In this version, the device settings are inside. All you need to do in order to set up the Samsung galaxy Fit 2 is follow those steps to set it up correctly:

  • Install the Galaxy Gear App on your phone, then enter the App
  • Connect the charger with The Galaxy Fit 2 and plug it into your phone
  • Once the Application is open and the phone is connected.
  • Click the menu icon and choose to Add a new device, then click Add
  • Select Galaxy Fit 2 , Your phone will start scanning for the Galaxy Fit 2, once founded a Screen will pop up ” Let’s pair up” loading, the pairing continues to go on.
  • After the App will find The Galaxy Fit 2, A button ” connect” will appear, click the button connect.
  • The Samsung Galaxy plugin will start to install. And, the installation will take a few moments to be completed.
  • That’s it, Your Galaxy Fit 2 is installed and ready to use.

Why my Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 won’t connect ?

If the device is not connected, the first thing to check is if there are any barriers impacting the overall range of signals; such as walls or any obstacles. Then, you will need to check if it is a compatibility problem between the Galaxy Wearable plugin and the Galaxy Fit device. Also, make sure that the Galaxy Fit and the connected phone are within the Bluetooth range of 30 feet ( About 9 m).

How to connect Galaxy Fit 2 to phone ?

To ensure that the connection between the Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 and your phone passed successfully, the distance between them should be no more than 30 feet or no more than 9 metres, so can both the devices be in the Bluetooth recommended range. Then, All you need to do is to follow the recommended steps:

  • Open the Samsung Gear App on your phone and bring the Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 within 10 feet.
  • You will see Connect to Gear button, Tap it to continue.
  • Confirm the matched displayed passkey on both the Galaxy Fit 2 and your phone.
  • Click Agree and Next.
  • The Galaxy Fit is now paired with your phone.


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