Technical Tips for Food Bloggers

Migrating from EasyRecipe

A large portion of the food blogging community out there are using the EasyRecipe plugin. For personal reasons relating to the plugin author, this plugin is likely to be discontinued indefinitely. This is not ideal for everyone using this plugin for the following reasons:

  • This plugin is no longer updated, and over time will pose a security risk.
  • Many users are already experiencing stability issues varying from locked screens to not being able to create posts and there is effectively no support for this.
  • As the recipe metadata standards change, the likelihood that EasyRecipe will no longer support them increases, which means that at some point in the future Google Search may lose visibility of recipe metadata (note: this hasn’t happened yet).

As an author of food blogger-focused WordPress themes, I’ve spent a few weeks chatting to plugin authors, taking the opinion of my customers and the food blogging community at large and have come across a recommended option to migrate to:
WP Recipe Maker

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