Unauthorized network card is plugged in Lenovo [solved]

Once you open your Lenovo laptop, you got frustrated by the following the dreaded error message ” unauthorized network card is plugged in Lenovo”, this error has to do with the network card. This error is most common with Lenvo Thinkpad laptops.

In this guide we will go with an easy steps to solve this problem.

The first thing to check is if your internet connection works fine, if does so, then this problem will have nothing to do with your laptop network card, and you need to check the Bios setup if everything seems correct.

To do so, go your Bios settings, then to go the wireless and LAN access port, if there were turn off, then enable the setting and turn them on, save the settings and reboot the laptop.

If this didn’t solve your problem, then follow this guide, it will give you great insight and guidance walking through this issue.

How to fix the Unauthorized network card is plugged error using the power button ?

This solution can work well for some Lenovo while others not, especially if the Lenovo laptop comes with approved and white listed wireless cards because the BIOS systems accepts only the hardware components approved and manufactured by the Lenovo company.

The laptop can not boot with an authorized adapter plugged in. In this case, the problem is related to the power circuits.

During those steps, we will follow the booting process in which the BIOS will go with power on self test (POST) in order to check if all the hardware components are working in the correct way.

If you are sure that the WWAN and Wifi cards are factory installed, then perform the following steps:

  • Open the Bios setup on your laptop ( press the F1 key several times after the power on is pressed).
  • Disable the internal battery, the laptop will power off automatically.
  • Then, detach the AC adapter charger and the external charger.
  • Hold the power on button by pressing it for 30 seconds, this action will reset the power circuits.
  • Finally, attach the AC adapter charger and the external battery, and press the power on button to start the laptop, enter the Bios Setup once again and load the settings in order to save them.
  • Apply save to all the settings, restart the laptop; this will make the issue gone if it has any relation with power circuits.

How to fix the Unauthorized network card is plugged error by removing the wireless card ?

If the first solution doesn’t solve the issue, the will tackle this issue by removing the network card.

This solution is the safest among other solutions, you can remove the wireless card and replace with another new one purchased from Lenvo or from another recommended local store, otherwise, you can run the laptop without it, it will work just fine and you will save your money.

How to remove the wireless card ?

The Thinkpad laptop has a different design, and thus, the exact location of the wireless will differ from laptop model to another, you can check the location of your laptop’s wireless cars on google search results.

Once, you identify the exact position where the network card is located, you will need to bring a screw tool or if you have computer repair tool will be better.

Try to follow the steps below to remove the wireless card successfully:

  • Don’t forget to power down and turn off the laptop and unplug the power charger adapter.
  • Then, flip the laptop upside down, as you know the where the wireless card is located.
  • Take the screwdriver, and remove all the screws surrounded the exact location, in some Lenovo models there are only two screws while others models can go up to four screws.
  • Put the removed screws in safe place, so you don’t lose them.
  • Put the removed cover or the back laptop cover aside.
  • Identify the network the card, it has two connection cables, that you need to unplug both of them gently.
  • You will find the other screws on the network card to remove.
  • Open the necessary screws found on the network card and put them apart in a safe place.
  • Unplug the network card from the right position.
  • Once you have done that, you need to put back all the removed screws.
  • You can either replace it with a new one, or you can cover both cables with a plastic to avoid any circuit problems.
  • Put back the laptop back cover, this solution it will solve your issue without shortcut.

How to fix the Unauthorized network card is plugged error by Moddeing the BIOS ?

This method is risky, and it is not recommended if you are not tech savvy and you can deal with the BIOS System which is a security precaution that requires a computer user to log into the whole computer capabilities . There are two ways to go with solving this issue using the BIOS:

The first method consists of cracking the BIOS system by modifying PCI_ID list, note that the PCD is a setting established that the platform BIOS or the boot loader built on. You will need to go with modifying the PCD_list, by going to alter every variable of the list.

The second method is a simpler way than the first, you will need a program to modify a byte in CMOS which responsible for the network card is authorized or not authorized. And you will need a program to boot the DOS.

Note that both those solutions are risky, and we don’t recommend them at all, it can be performed by a professional technician or any person with the necessary skills to perform those operations successfully. Otherwise, certain operations can ruin your laptop.

Final words

Going through this issue may be a daunting task, we recommend to go with each solution at ease, except the last methods that will need a laptop person how have the necessary hand skills in order to go step by step with the performed operations.


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