Web Hosting With Bluehost

To install the Lazy Cat Themes you will need to have WordPress installed on a web server (you can’t use this theme on WordPress.com) accounts. We highly recommend Bluehost shared hosting as this is a service we use ourselves, it has a super-easy WordPress install and we’ve found it to be the best of the shared hosting providers that we’ve sampled. Bear in mind that we do make a commission on everyone that signs with Bluehost, but then we could have had an affiliate program with any of the other hosting providers too. But we chose Bluehost because we thought that they were the best and offered the best value.

To sign up to Bluehost Click here:


For a single blog, the shared hosting - basic or shared hosting - plus packages are perfect. You need to:

  1. Go to the Bluehost Website
  2. Click on products → shared hosting:


  1. Choose either the basic or plus packages:


  1. I would recommend the basic package if:
    • you are only launching one website/blog
    • your website/blog does not contain a large amount of photography (or videos) which might exceed the 50 GB website space allowance. For example, our professional cooking blog posts 2 recipes a week and used up around 1 GB of website space in its first year.

    Otherwise the plus package would be more suitable. If you are still not sure what package to choose, you can contact us here.


Install WordPress (Bluehost)

Installing WordPress is now just a few clicks away:

  1. Navigate to the Bluehost home page (you may need to login).
  2. Click on One-click Install:


  1. Click on the WordPress badge:


  1. Click on the Install button:


  1. Enter the domain that you would have created (for free) when you signed to Bluehost (it will probably be there automatically) and click Check Domain:


  1. You will get this screen for a few seconds:


  1. When the screen (below) appears, accept the terms and click Install Now:


  1. There will be lots of advertising on the main window but keep an eye on the top bar which will give you progress:


  1. And eventually it will look like this the below. Click on View Credentials:


  1. Click on the View button to get credentials:


  1. Copy the Admin URL, Username and the Password field and store this information somewhere. It will only be accessible here for 12 hours. Now click on the Admin URL:


  1. Login with the credentials provided in the previous step, check Remember Me and click the Log In button:


  1. CONGRATULATIONS! You have installed WordPress on a server!


To sign up to Bluehost Click here: