What is website builder?

Website builder is a tool , program and platform allows the end user to create quickly and easily great looking websites with no upfront coding experience, it uses drag and drop techniques while letting the code game working in the background, what you see in front of you is what you get.


Table of Contents

Types of website builder

WordPress vs Website Builder

WordPress builder is the sub-category of website builders, not every website can be built through a WordPress builder, also, website builders demand learning curve to master the tool, on the other hand, most WordPress builder is quiet easy to handle

is Shopify website builder?

Shopify is an e-commerce type of website builder, it cannot create another website, such as a portfolio website or small business website

Whitelabel website builder

White label website builder is a specific type of business owner aims to resell website building to clients under their brands while the original company maintains the infrastructure of the website builder, the business owner focus on the marketing side